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Thread: Hello from a mountain top in KY.

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    Default Hello from a mountain top in KY.

    Greetings. I just found this forum and it looks very interesting. I have been into "wilderness survival" since I was ten years old and have been every since. I have been to a few different places around the world and have picked up some survival tips and training along the way. I am a big traditional archery supporter(stick bows,recurves,longbows, self bows) and like to use them for hunting. I am also a Native American history buff.Anyone with similar interest please get in touch with me. I live in the mountains of eastern Ky so I have a lot of different types of terrain to "survive" in. Thanks,and keep on survivin'!

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    hey , lol i started when i was 10 too (im 15) im a ttl wilderness survival junkie loli have no idea where Ky is , i currently live in northern manitoba canada lolz


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