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Thread: Crawfish

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    Friday night fish fry.....Tuesday night Brew Pub all you can eat Crab legs......Crawfish (tators, corn) from little stand along Mansfield Road south of Shreveport, season......Not sure if it even has a name....just says "Crawfish".....

    Other wise they are "Bait".
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    One thing about crawfish is if they are boiled its best to do it while they are still alive and if you come across one that the tail isn't curled inward don't eat the tail. Usually soiled meat.

    In Mississippi,crawfish boils are a way of life.

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    Crawfish are also good bait, fish love 'em. At least if the fish don't want 'em, you've got something to take home!

    Another old technique for making food edible and less perishable is drying things in the sun. Usually this is done best in colder climates so that bacteria has less of a chance to spoil your food. Drying meat is great because without moisture, the bacteria doesn't have a medium to grow in. In warmer climates you're better off cooking and eating, or curing/smoking the meat. It actually does matter what you burn though, you wouldn't want to burn poisonous plants and have that transfer to your food or harm you with noxious smoke. xjosh40x, you are spot on about not eating Crawfish with the inward bent tail. This usually indicates that the Crawfish was dead for a long time before the boil, the meat is usually mushy and doesn't taste good.


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