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Thread: Survival walking staff, again

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    Default Survival walking staff, again

    Hello all--

    I know this subject has been done to death but I had a few questions and a need of ideas for a survival/walking/hiking staff. I am looking for a modular (three piece) staff that is able to be broken down for easy transport when not being used. I am looking for it to be hollow to carry some basic survival kit: Swiss knife, matches/flint/steel, cotton/tinder, fish hooks, trash bag/poncho/ground cover etc. I would also like to mount a spear/knive at one end for fishing/hunting.

    I have visited numerous websites and manufacturers including:

    All look to be cool, but have some serious flaws. The Crawford staff looks expensive and flimsy. The Wilderness Survival Staff is made from plumbing style pipe and is heavy. I have read of one person who used bamboo (already hollow) and my experiments with this material have all broken very easily.

    So I am back to looking for more suggestions! I am planning to try another prototype with a simple broomstick and a long drill bit to hollow out the top handle. I am also looking to use a AR-15 bayonet mount to allow the attachment of a bayonet, although I am unsure how to properly attach this. JB weld to a metal bracket? I was planning to wrap the handle with some cordage (5 mil spectra).

    I figured that if anybody would have any good ideas or suggestions, it would be the people on this forum!

    Any tips, pics, links to rants are welcome!


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    AD - don't know that I can help with your search, but it's good to see you back around these parts.
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    Sounds like your looking for a titanium staff? threaded and in three sections? I like the idea...I'd say your going to need to go to the local machine shop.
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    I think I would try the carbon one. Not carbon:

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