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Thread: DIY: Homemade lye soap

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    I think maybe PTW meant fine Oatmeal? It's very good in soap, acts as an exfolliant and a skin softener.
    I often put a handful of Oatmeal in a piece of muslin and hang it over the hot tap while it's running so the water runs through the little bag. The resulting "milk" is very good for dry skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by preachtheWORD View Post
    Great job, as always! I look forward to hearing about your experience with using the soap. The old timers around here claim that lye soap is harsh on the skin. I'd like to hear what you have to say once you've used it.
    This could be one of the best posts on making soap I've seen...
    Actually, it's not necessarily homemade soap that's harsh - it's usually homemade LYE that's the problem. However, I intend to try using homemade lye for myself.

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    It won't be much longer before I have to make some more. This time I want to try using a lye-seep and see how the soft soap turns out. Stay tuned for more adventures in "getting clean".
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