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Thread: Most unusual place you've camped?

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    Default Most unusual place you've camped?

    Now here's a question for you all. What is the most unusual place you have camped or hammocked, without been seen?

    The places I'm thinking of is a small copse in middle of golf course, golfers all around but not knowing your there. A wooded area in the middle of a park. That sort of thing.

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    In a waddi during Desert Storm, dug it out covered the top with a sand covered tarp. The Irqi passed within a few feet of us and never saw us. Stayed put for three days until the Apache Helo's swarmed the area and were extracted by blackhawk. The intel relayed back was good on tank positions. Goat farmers were the biggest problem although we never ran into problems with them.
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    In the middle of I-5 in Calf. I worked for a read crew it the time . I also camped in a state prison ,I was paving it at the time

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    The county park near my folk's house. Built a debris shelter so that it looked like the tree, which was about 28" in diameter, was up heaving the ground. Stayed in it for 10 days. Had people walk on the path right by me and never knew I was in there. Had a couple of people comment on how the tree split the ground, but they never took a real close look, nor did the county workers that maintained the park.

    Did it just to see if I could!

    As the saying goes "sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best way to disappear!"
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    Well, it was back in 84, about two weeks before I rotated to Oki., camped in this park over looking PCH and the Pacific.

    It was a cozy little campsite, me, this young lady, and our blankets.

    Camped under my motorcyle one cold night. Every now and then I would start it up, let it idle then turn it off and crawl under it. That was a cold night, actually did it for a couple nights. Long story, noydb.

    Got drunk and hiked up Ballbuster and camped on top onenight.

    Then there was that time I stalked..........................................

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    Default When i lived in missouri

    It is only like a football feild from a neighborhood

    An old 1800's Basement that has no roof, and no house above it...about fifty meters down the hill there was a spring with cold clean filtered water flowing out of it....which explains why there is and old basement there. It is on some farmers property near a golf course.

    One time my buddy woke up to howling coyote's that were near camp and he was still half asleep the fire was out and he had an expression of fear on his face, he has freaking out ant he couldn't see so he felt around with his hands until he found my face ... he was putting his hand on my face, feeling it until he realized where he was and what he was doing...he sat back and i just started laughing at him... he was a bit embarassed after that but it sure was funny, as the coyote's were still howling the moment was lost and i said to my friend "we need to get the fire going again, and as another safty take out your knife and place it in the ground to be ready for them if they come". So he took out his knife and went back to sleep in light emarassment as i nursed the fire back to health.


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