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Thread: Simple Homestead Construction Methods

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    Default Thank you AS!!!!

    Not only is this thread bookmarked, I also just printed it out so I can frequently refer to it and let it all sink in. It's also something I'm certain Mr. B will "get" and enjoy knowing especially this last bit on off-grid power. (he's been reading Popular Science mag. half his life and has been a life-long fan of Mr. Wizard)
    I wish most of my teachers were as good as you at conveying important stuff by making it simple and doable.

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    I can't see the photos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidWoods View Post
    I can't see the photos?
    Since the thread is 6 years old and the OP has not been around since 2013 the absence of photo access from a third party server is hardly surprising.
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