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Thread: The Knapping Thread - Show your projects, Discuss techniques, Give and receive advice

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    I just finished this 4.5inch Obsidian point necklace. The cordage is man made sinew.

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    Most excellent. a real work of art!

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    Thanks mate, I'm glad you like it. I figured I'd make a necklace from this one, for myself, cause I'm always losing points left, right and centre on our courses (we have a primitive table of various weapons, clothing etc), and this one is a piece I like.
    At least with it around my neck, it won't accidently find it's way into someone else's pocket, or be left on the ground somewhere. :-)

    Those little black beads were the only ones in my wifes sewing kit with a hole big enough for the sinew, but I think they are OK, not too over the top or distracting.
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    Very nice work.......several friends that knap like using obsidian.....
    That is a great piece.
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    Thank-you Hunter, I am very happy you appreciate it. :-)
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