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    Since I'm an evil smoker,I naturally always have a bic on me plus an extra stashed in every jacket,parka & pack that I own,as well as other methods for making fire.Of course I'd still carry this stuff whether I smoked or not.
    Usually though,a bic is what I reach for when getting a fire going just because it's so handy,with matches being second. To carry & keep dry,these three matchcases are what I use.
    The top is an old Silva.Being brass it's quite heavy.The compass is accurate.I've had this for probably twenty years now.It appears that K&M are the same.Maybe mine was made by them for Silva,I don't know.(no idea how long K&M has been in business).
    Next are the plastic variety.They work fine,are cheap enough to stash a bunch wherever ,& will float.They're also long enough so that you can put some tinder in & still have enough length for strike anywhere matches without cutting them down.I've broken a couple over the years because of cold temps so wouldn't rely on these solely.Always carry your preferred means of making fire for backup.
    Bottom is one from I really like these as they are tough & inexpensive,about three bucks each.They are short though & will require the matches to be cut down.There is a small o-ring on the case body that does break sometimes.Unless you get the right size o-ring to replace it,you might find that one slightly too big in diameter will interfere with screwing the cap back on.An easier method is to put an o-ring inside the cap.If it's a little oversize it won't fall out.Or cut a piece of rubber instead.
    Both these I've had completely submerged for about fifteen minutes with no water entry.
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    I have a couple each of the one in the middle and the one on the bottom of the pic. They do their job well.

    Another larger similar gadget is them nifty little tubes that you can wear around your neck at the beach. I like 'em because they're just the right size to hold folding money so that you can tip the guy who gets you your tropical cocktails from the tiki bar.

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    I have a couple of these, like the top picture.
    I also carry one in my pocket for my aspirins, Tums and other meds as needed. (yeah, I know, illegal, not in original container)

    Small prescription med containers will also keep matches dry.
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    Good post. I have one like the top one and you're right it is heavy. I have one like Kens too and I use it for the four-wheeler key. I can't remember what's inside.


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