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Thread: Lost/Stranded/etc - Without needed glasses/contacts - what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by neondog View Post
    Next time you break a lens, keep the pieces. They work just as good as the whole lens, just wont stay in the frame. Still, an oddly shaped monocle
    is better than walking up to someone to find out whether they are friend or foe.

    Also, lasik surgery recipients often still need reading glasses for near vision. I can see pretty good without my glasses but have still used a single pinhole in thin cardboard on occasion to make out a distant object.
    My husband was very near-sighted before Lasik... 5.50 diopters of correction were required for each eye. He chose to have Lasik correct one eye to 0.0 diopters (perfect 20:20), but kept the other eye less-than-perfect (to about 0.50 diopters). This less-than-perfectly-corrected eye can read fine. As his Lasik surgeon told him before-hand, his brain would get used to the arrangement. Today, he feels he sees perfectly at all distances... he reads the paper each morning on the bus without need of glasses. And he skis, drives, etc., fine (distance vision-requiring activities) also. The only times he wears glasses are (1) driving a night, when he wears a pair with clear glass in his perfect eye, and 0.5 diopters correction for the other; and, (2) reading at night in low light, when he wears a pair of reading glasses (adjusted mainly for the "perfect" eye). He cautions that this is fine for someone who saw poorly in the first place; he's very grateful to see fairly well, and read fairly well, in all but dark conditions; however, if crisp, binocular vision for distance, in both day and night, is important to you, he recommends correcting both eyes perfectly, and just figuring out how to always have reading glasses available.

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    I have worn glasses since my late teens. Years ago I was in Mobile AL. attending the local Mardi gras parade. Now in Mobile they throw beads and dubloons into the crowd from the floats like they do in New Orleans but the also have a local tradition of throwing moon pies. So some buddies and I have a few beverages and head for the parade. We get a great spot right up front and here come the floats. Now the guys on the floats have been celebrating all day and are feeling no pain. As the float comes by eveyone yells " Hey mister, moon pie". So as about the fifth float comes by I yell, hey mister moon pie and this guy on the float and I make eye contact. He grabs a pie out of his sack, rares back and gives me a 90 mph double decker moon pie right between the eyes. The lenses from my glasses pop out in the middle of thousands of drunken party goers. I find one of them right off but the other seems lost forever. So there I am half blind and half blind running drunk. We decide to head to a local watering hole to finish off the night. Seven hours later we leave the bar and start the mile long walk back to the parking area. As were are walking past where the above mentioned moon pie incident happened, I look down and low and behold there is my other lense laying up against the curb without a scratch on it .
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    I have had the screw come out of the temple piece and had to buy a new one and put it in without my glasses. Little damned screw!

    I also was riding in my brother-in-laws ski boat that was towing a tube with some of the kids on it. My nephew was on the front and started diving the tube nose first into the water. I started to yell for him to stop when I got smacked in the face by the now broken ski rope. It felt a lot worse then it actually did any damage. I actually checked to make sure it didn't knock any teeth out or loose. In the end it gave me a fat lip and busted my frames.

    There are so called $8 eyeglass places online. They sell prescription glasses from $8 up. You get your prescription along with certain measurements from your eye doctor and enter that in when you order.

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    I had been curious about the idea presented in this thread, so I just tried it. My uncorrected vision is 20/400. I usually wear contacts and use reading glasses when I do. My regular glasses are bi-focals.

    I took a sheet of paper - used a paper clip and punched 3 rows of holes. While it did not allow me to see as well as with my glasses, it significantly improved my uncorrected vision. Very cool idea. Thanks PTW.
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