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Thread: Bacon, it's not just for breakfast anymore

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    Default Bacon, it's not just for breakfast anymore

    You could be the life of the party with these brownies. Forget the marijuana.
    Pass these babies out to your terrorist "friends" and wait for the show!
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    Reb, I've lost 24 lbs. this year. If I suffer a moment of weakness at 2:00 a.m. some morning and make these bacon cheesecake brownies and gain a single pound, .............
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    Ken...I gained FIVE lbs just reading the recipe!!!
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    LOL, I guess I didn't read any e-mails last night, and was gonna post this, guess y'all are on the ball.
    DW was ready to hardy Oh, Uckyyyyyyy
    I though it would be a good survival food, my self, at least one food group.
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