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    hey guys and gals, a good thing for smallgame,large chunks of meat and even fish on the camp fire is to boil, i carry a small container of bouillon cubes in my bugout pack chicken and beef flavor, its somthing a person has to experiment with to sute your own taste buds,i use as little water as i have to ,cut your smallgame into pieces , bring water to aboil ,remember that water evaps when boiling so keep extra handy,let 1 or 2 cubes disolve before placing meat in the pot or skillet boil until done , use good judgement if done,we all should know why,, water is almost always available if treated or filtered,wild onions and other vegies are around here and are great when added to the dish . do the fish the same way,this method is simple and healthy,dont get me wrong fryed rabbit and fish are awsome but this makes my pack a little lighter... watch your backtrail .... woodsey......

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    Boiling your food into a soup or stew really is the way to go nutritionally as well. Most laymen see people on TV cooking strips of meat on a stick over the fire, but this really isn't a good idea as quite a bit of the grease, and thus calories and fat, drip off into the fire. If survival is your goal, you don't want to waste any of it, so making it into soup allows you to drink the broth and get the full benefit of whatever you were able to forage or kill.

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    u cood even make a marinade out of sum berrys nuts and fruits if they r avalible dey add nutritaion not 2 mention make it taste nice lol
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