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Thread: Savage 24

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    Thanks for the heads up, Doug.....been a long time since I seen ya around ....Welcome back.

    I picked up a campers model .22/20 at a show a year or so, ago.
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    I actually own a savage 24, and its real fun and accurate. I honestly think you should get one unless you use it often.

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    Back in highschool days I used an m-24 .22lr over .410 that belonged to a friend for squirrel hunting. Iron sights, one shot with the .22 and the .410 barrel as follow-up was the rule. A great firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dscrick View Post
    I looked for one of these for years and finally got one on GunBroker in excellent condition with the original take down case. .22LR over 20 gauge 3". It's perfect! mine is slightly different from the pics, it has a straight grip stock. There is a swing out butplate hatch that conceals storage in the buttstock for 7 .22LR rounds and 2 20GA rounds
    That is a beautiful set of furniture on that 24C, Senior Chief. Don't know if you're still on the forum, as this post was eight years ago. I've never seen wood like that on any Savage 24, and I own eight of them, including one 24C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge47 View Post
    My kid brother recently bought one with a 30-30 on top and a 12 gauge on the bottom. Cost? $650! Why do these have to come up so high?...
    Sarge47, the fact that your brother bought one with a 12 gauge barrel indicates it's the late 24F model with plastic furniture. The earlier models did not offer a 12 gauge option and most all were equipped with wooden furniture. The older models are lighter, highly sought after, and often higher in price. I have eight of them, in various caliber and gauge combinations, that took me years to collect. Two of those are in the .30-30/20Gauge combination.

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    Just joined the forum today and am an avid Savage 24 "seeker". Presently seeking a Savage 24V series D .22Hornet/20gauge. These combo guns are just like eating Fretos... you can't just have one. If anyone can point me in the right direction for a nice Savage 24V-D .22 Hornet/20gauge, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have the hornet over 20 ga it's a sweet shooter if I can see it I can hit it.

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    Hey thanks for bringing up a great thread!
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    Hey guys i am looking for a savage 24 as well, was thinking about the 22 mag over the 20 gauge. Any direction or help is appreciated. Feel free to pm as well.

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    I dont know the accuracy of the modern chamber inserts in 30-30/32ACP, but Ragnar Benson said that (when he had one, decades ago) it was adequately accurate, and very quiet. costs a lot less than a M24 to find out, tho.

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    The 20 ga. is much more forgiving than the .410 and as such I would reccomend the .22lr over the 20 ga.. But that is just my $0.02

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    Good choice.
    I have been looking for the .22 Mag over a 20 ga for a long time.
    Most new around here are now .17 over 20 or 12 ga.
    Saw one in a gas station that sold sporting goods, but at the time was a little short of "stash" money, so.........


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