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    Rocks to Rocketry

    Hopefully This will fall well enough under the 'instructional' title, as much of this is my first time as well.

    I will be uploading an entire series of video's (over time) that go from making...
  2. RangerX - not likely since I have never seen that...

    RangerX - not likely since I have never seen that tree anywhere around here (I live in Nova Scotia Canada, and I'm not sure that grows so far north)

    kyratshooter. nope, but thanks for the tip,...
  3. what (tree?) species? and how do I make it?

    sorry I couldn't find a post section that this really seemed to fit so I'm posting it here:

    I found this (branch?) on my driveway, and I noticed it had nice, strong, yet soft fibers that easily...
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    hello & small 'bug' report.

    hello! I wanted to launch into a question, but it required pictures, and apperently I can't use links untill after I made a first post.

    but while doing so I noticed that the admins forgot to fill...
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