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    Hi Gray Wolf,

    I understand your criticism. I usually put on pieces of information at a time, not a total page at once. I've had more complaints about this, so I'll stop doing this.
    About the content, most information is from books. But still I get complaints about the inaccurate content. This probably means I'll have to do more research.


    You can't just learn all about wilderness survival by reading books, watching movies or TV shows etc. You need to actually get out there and do it, over and over again. Building different types of shelters, knapping stones into knifes, start fires by 5 or 6 different means including making a bow drill, or a fire plow, which is the hardest to get an ember (and takes the most energy). But even if it wasn't, you tell people on your site to make one, using "A stick of hard wood and A flat piece of soft wood". Yet you don't tell them which trees are hard wood and which are soft wood. Even if you did that, you're hoping they know what a Birch tree a Maple tree and others look like, especially when they're laying on the ground - dead, with no leaves.

    I think (actually hope) you get my point. Any person that has gone camping at least 5 times, knows 'you' can't teach them about wilderness living, let alone wilderness survival. All you have is a little bit of book knowledge, and some TV shows.

    Again Tim, this is not meant as a flame. And I only touched on a few things on your site, but the rest are weak, inaccurate, or just plain incorrect.

    Why don't you take the site offline until your qualified to run a wilderness survival site. If you're serious about this, take some wilderness survival training from some well known teachers, and practice, practice, practice.
    Gray Wolf
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    Welcome. Please take this as constructive criticism, I visited your site and it is, to be polite, weak... Under your "Basic's For Survival" you list:
    Water || Shelter || Rest || Food
    What about fire, the fire you're going to need to purify your water, cook your food, harden a spear point and give some comfort to the dark and possibly cold nights etc. I think you need to put a hold on the site until you learn a lot more. When you take that kind of responsibility by saying that your site is a survival site, and say these are the things you need, you may be putting other lives in danger. We have people and information here that you can learn from (NOT COPY). Learn first, Website second. Again this is not a flame, just a caution about the lives you may jeopardize.
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