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I am a laid back fourteen year old girl, training for living in the wilderness when I am older. I'll take any advice from similar people! I have chosen to move to Alaska and meet a friend there, and we will accompany each other on our wild experience of our new home! I have an interest in using our kill's gifts to us such as cooking their meat, gathering their fat to go through the process of making soap, skin them and make their pelts into clothes and blankets. I'll bring seeds for berries and such for our future cooking and harvesting. I will construct a fishing rod as a food source tool. Once a day we will take turns fishing for a few hours until we catch enough for a day or so. While the person who is fishing is doing their chore, the other will tend to the house until it is organized and neat. Afterwards, they can go to the close water source, and fill a few buckets of water, then proceed to sift out any rocks/leaves/etc., and boil it for ten minutes so the water is sterile.If danger were to occur, we would have brought knives and pistols for the both of us. We are planning on taking shelter in a Tipi. Our sleeping space would be a pile of straw, with a Caribou pelt as the blanket. We would keep food stored hanging off a branch, with a clip connected to the rope that clips on to a weight to prevent the food from falling. We would chop wood for fires, and store the leftovers outside of the Tipi in a stack. At night we will secure all our supplies, seal the Tipi entrance and sit at the fire for dinner, then bed.
Walking, Climbing, Riding Horses, Brief Napping
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