How to Get Into Fly Fishing

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  1. Sparky93
    Well ain't that just as handy as a pocket on a shirt!

    Tipacanoe - I had that channel for a about a month but stopped getting it the other day, wish I still had it it had some good shows on it...
  2. tipacanoe
    Another source of good information, at least some of it, would be you tube. If for no other reason to look at the flyfishing video's there, just getting the juices flowing is reason enough to look at them once in a while.
  3. tipacanoe
    For anyone that buy's their flies, The Benton Flybox on the web, is outstanding. Streamers $1 ea, wet flies $3/half dozen, dries3.50/half dozen and free shipping on orders over $50. They are tied here in Maine, and I don't know how they do it for the price, but they are excellent. My neighbor works for LL Bean, and he was blown away by the quality and of course the price. The smallest I bought were #18 dries, and the largest were #8 muddler minnow's. I fished for 3 days last week and they held up very well. . My purchase all half dozen orders the same size were: Olive elk hair caddis, pale water dun, trico male spinner, quil gordon creame, black elk hair caddis, black marabou muddler, gold mini muddler, brown marabou muddler, orange marabou mddler, picket pin,special picket pin, wet hornberg, blue wing olive, royal coachman, light cahill, plus 2 red and white streamers and two #6 grey ghost streamers. The total bill was $53.50 for the flies. Had them in 5 day's
  4. Sarge47
    Hope you get better quick, Tip! Looking forward to your review! I went down to Oklahoma over the week of July 4th to visit my oldest son and family down there. He took me over to the lower Illinois River at Gore, Ok. where they have no size limits on Rainbow Trout, they have so many! He took a 14 inch Rainbow while I got zip, but it was still beautiful down there! I'd of done better if I had waders or even a small boat! lol!
  5. tipacanoe
    Sarge, the flies from Benton Flie Box, held up really well, only problem was I lost 6 caddis at some point, guess I need to fix that fly box. My buddy ordered 8 dozen from them last Monday and had them Wednesday, of course that is right here in Maine. My neighbor who works for LL Beans wants to go in on an order, so I will be posting another order really soon. Just so you know, the flies that I ordered off WFN, which I ordered on the 21st of June still haven't arrived. There was a note in the delivery notification that they might get held up at customs, and could take over 28 day's to get here, so I won't be doing that again. Tip
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