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  1. your_comforting_company
    this came up in a discussion on squirrel hunting with saving the pelts in mind.

    when making your arrows fitted for blunt tips, what is the general size and shape of the blunt, and what wood would you choose to make the tips out of?
    should it be a hard, dense wood, or a softer more lightweight material?
    In the case of a bamboo tip, would a 'knuckle' suffice?

    I'm no archer, nor have I made a self-bow, but I'm going to start working on that in the next summer. This deer season and for a few months after, I'll be braintanning, so it's a project I'm going to work on in the meantime.

    Thanks in advance
  2. pocomoonskyeyes
    I'm no archer either but I would think that a hard wood would be best. I would think that a soft wood would dissipate the energy too much with "give".
  3. Ted
    YCC, I really don't think you could kill a squirrel with a blunt enless your extremly close. I say this cuz thier tough little buggers! I've knocked them out of trees on several occasions with a shotgun,only to have them hit the ground and take off running!
    I'm not saying it's impossible mind you ,just pretty tough I imagine. Now a 45# bow with a metal blunt sure. But your probly gonna blow a hole in it!

    Here in IL it's illegal to use anything under 45# at 28 inches. and only broad heads can be used.

    I know it's not primative but 6 shot and a good lead on your shot will only put a few little holes in the hide.
  4. Ted
    Justin, not sure what your talking about ,but I've read in many edible/survival books, chickory root being used as a coffee sub.
  5. erunkiswldrnssurvival
    Now that i have explored the primitive fishing topic i have made advancements in the construction of lures and general hooks and other equipment such as bobbers and sinkers. the grape vine clasper is the most valuable item that you will need to make all of those necessary tools to catch fish with
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