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  1. panch0
    How do you like the leafstorm? I have had my eye on that one or a Delica full flat grind.
  2. tonester
    i really like the feel of the leafstorm. theres nothing wrong with the knife itself. its just a little small for me. im more into medium and large sized folders. but the knife has a solid lock up, scary sharp edge, and just feels good. if you like smaller blades i would look into it.
  3. tonester
    dont know if anyone visits here anymore, but just thought i'd let you guys know that i finally pulled the trigger on a CRK sebenza and umnumzaan. they are amazing folders.
  4. panch0
    Tonester, if there are no pics then it didn't happen. lol... Pics Please...
  5. tacticalguy
    New Benchmade Auto.
  6. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Hey folks, back from the land of the lost.
    Got some new stuff I'll post ASAP.
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