Zombie Hunters

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  1. tonester
    i played the first one, love that game! cant wait to get the 2nd one, maybe for christmas!
  2. tacticalguy
    what about resident evil 5?
  3. welderguy
    I am a huge zombie movie fan as well as the books by Max Brooks, everyone should own a copy of the zombie survival guide
  4. Julie362
    Ok so when I was in the VYCC we [Me and one other person...] were very aware of the zombie infestation of the property surrounding HQ. The other person is a Zombie Huntress basically. Weapon of choice? Rockbar. (18lb steel rod with a chisel end)
  5. Loreseed
    What is your favorite weapon pair of choice in a zombie situation? (Melee AND range)
    I actually prefer the Cane Machette and then my Mosin Nagant Carbine.
  6. tonester
    for me i have a couple of choices. for close range melee either a katana or a crowbar with my 7.62x39 Siaga or my 12 gauge.
  7. tacticalguy
    for me if i had to have close range melee i would use a Vtac Tomahawk with my Ruger Mini 14 or my SKS.
  8. tonester
    haha thats an awesome combo.

    man ive been wanting a mini 14 for years now. what caliber you got tacticalguy?
  9. tacticalguy
    5.56 for the mini, and 7.62x39 for the sks
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