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  1. NightShade
    I agree 100% with wareagle69 's advice on researching for yourself... I always cross-reference a variety of sources BEFORE I eat any wild edible!!!!!!
    correct me if I'm wrong WE but you boil stinging nettles first, correct? ... another one worth trying are cattails... they can be a year round food source as well as being good for a variety of other reasons.... Just remember folks, don't collect within 100 feet from a road as the plants will pick up pollutants...
  2. wareagle69
    two things nightshade, yes you can boil them or steam them or simple dry them, them being nettles. also as far as collction 100 ft from a road, a busy road yes my back country road i pick right from the side, if i get 20 cars a day thats alot, so i feel safe to eat from back roads, but i also know that they do not use pesticides here at all
  3. NightShade
    ahhh , I suppose that's a good point!.. country backroads dont get nearly as much traffic..hence , lots less pollution..
  4. your_comforting_company
    Hey gang. I was out in the wild today and came upon a river bottom filled with what looked like Ostritch ferns and fiddleheads. I went to examine and found that the fiddleheads were fuzzy all over with hair. I knew this wasnt right but I found a small tender shoot and had a sample anyway. It was really astringent, like the bark liqour I tan deer leather with. Turns your mouth inside out like acorns do. I knew something didnt seem right so I thought I'd post up a picture and find out what this 'look-similar' really is. Theres just no way that something I keep hearing is so delicoius can taste so bad. So who knows what this ostrich-imposter is?

    fiddlehead. note the fuzzy all over it
  5. NightShade
    I gather these often.. they are cinnamon ferns.... remove the hair and you will get rid of the bitterness... It has very high tannin content, like acorns. save the hair though, it is great for treating small cuts and abrasions... will stop bleeding from a minor cut almost immediatley
  6. your_comforting_company
    would steaming or boiling it get rid of the astringency? I will save the hair if I do collect any more, at least for my cave-man first aid kit
    I haven't found the fiddleheads in abundance yet, so I'm waiting till spring when hopefully there will be more.
    Thanks nightshade
  7. NightShade
    There will def. be more in spring!!! unfortunatley with these you really hafta remove the fuzz before cooking.. a rather tedious task... your fingers will get sticky and brown from all the tannin after only a short while.
  8. Ted
    I hope this is group is still going! I believe I have a lot to offer,someone please give me a shout!
  9. your_comforting_company
    ted, I deleted my last post because it stayed unanswered for like 3 months.. I check here often, but there's never any new posts. If you have some info to share, I'd love to hear it (read it, rather). I'm up for some engaging food conversation.. mmmm... food.
  10. wareagle69
    time to get this going again eh? i tried posting a list about flavoring or spices but ran out of time, will have to try it again
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