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  1. ibosserman
    ive got this damascus blade and I went and put an edge on it. I started with a hand file. the metal was kinda soft. Its made with carbon and spring steel. but I dont think it tempered very good. after I put all this work into this darn blade am I still gonna be able to temper the blade. And what is a good way to do it without making the blade softer or brittle?
  2. crashdive123
    Ibosserman - can you drill your holes for pins with a regular drill bit? If so it probably has not been hardened. If it needs hardening and tempering, I'll leave that advice to our experienced knife makers.
  3. Camp10
    Ibosserman, to follow what Crash said..most damascus billets will come with heat treat instructions. I've never bought a pre-cut blank but my guess is that it is already treated. I'm assuming this because it looks like it is already etched in the pictures you posted and I dont know why it would be finished if it hadnt been treated yet.
  4. ibosserman
    thanks camp10 that helped a lot. It polishes pretty well on the spine anyway. It probably is heat treated but I just dont think its good enough. I will have to use it and see if it will hold the edge well. yeah I will try to drill though it and see what happens then I will get back with you guys. oh and thanks too crash
  5. pocomoonskyeyes
    For anyone that may be looking for some stabilized wood scales, I thought I would pass along this link. I go there and just daydream about how the scales would look on a knife!!

    I forget how I stumbled onto it, but I'm glad I did!
  6. pocomoonskyeyes
    I got curious about something, and sent a message to the store at the link I posted below. I asked " Is all your wood stabilized,and how often do you update your listings" This is the reply I got.

    We stabilize all of our woods except for those which are naturally stable: i.e., ironwood and cocobolo.
    We will updating our website once we set up our new shop. We have lots of great things coming.


  7. crashdive123
    Good to know. Thanks.
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