hardcore fishermen

  1. chiggersngrits
    took about a 2 mile float on the elk river,tims ford dam tailwaters winchester tn., this past weekend. we used ultralight spinning gear with rooster tails and gold spoons. between myself, a buddy and his 8 year old son we caught about 30 rainbows and 1 brown trout in about 4 hrs. of course my buddies son had the big fish of the day about 16 in. it was his first time trout fishing and his second fish of the day. he is hooked.
  2. samms
    i have fished in northern indiana on our pier under a trusty blue tarp before!!for catfish(it was raining with thunderstorms that nite mind you!!) no luck that night, but have had many good nights i love the calmness of the darkness upon the water and the taste of catfish cooked in cajun spices when they are done!!!i thank GOD everytime for each fish i catch!! so i guess imma hardcore,and thank god i didnt get hit by lightening !!!lol i use chicken livers in nylons!!and i usaully start chumming the lily pads beside the pier around the first of spring!!!with leftover foods!!
  3. moondog
    wow finally people who love fishing is much as i do.
  4. NightShade
    hey everyone.... i bought a house on a 12 acre 70 ft deep spring fed pond and fish almost every day...There are 2 rivers and at least 5 other ponds within 20 min. walk... a dream come true for a fishing addict such as myself!!!
  5. Alaskan Survivalist
    Alaskan Survivalist
    "Time spent fishing is not deducted from your lifespan". King Salmon is my favorite and I'll be off shore at Deep Creek Memorial day for the the first runs! I won't quit till mid July on the Yukon and then I'll be dipnetting reds and then Silvers in August and halibut after that!
  6. camperman76
    hi There All Names Rick Just Thought I Would Say Hi!.....so Hi!!
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