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  1. tonester
    hey wareagle. thanks for making this group. lately ive been really getting into wild edibles... its just that i can never really find anything here in so-cal. maybe i just need to look harder, i definitely need to get better at identifying plants.
  2. wareagle69
    tonester, look up chrstopher nygeres(sp) he is the editoer of wilderness way, but also has alot of books and vids about cali.
  3. justinjedlawton
    hey yall anything goning on w/ this sub?
  4. justinjedlawton
    how do you add information about plants i have some good ones from the semi tropical- tropical range
  5. NightShade
    So here's a question for everyone... What is your favorite wild edible to harvest?

    for me I'd hafta say blackberries...or maybe fiddleheads... or maybe grapes.. actually it's gotta be........
  6. tonester
    haha the closest thing that ive come to harvesting wild edibles so far is picking lemons off my neighbors lemon tree. so im gonna have to go with lemons.
  7. pocomoonskyeyes
    Great Idea WE!! Count me in. Not that I gather a lot but am willing to learn all I can.
  8. wareagle69
    well night shade my favorites have to be stinging nettle, burdock, and sheep sorrel but this week i have been focusing on thistles been eating the roots, still trying to figure out eating the leaves
  9. wareagle69
    pocco, the great hing about edibles is you might know one plant but if you know it well then there is always something to learn from you, i will listen to an 80 year old or an 8 year old, the one thing i will say to all of you tho, no matter the source, weather it be me or peterson or the local expert, never take anyones woed on good faith, i always research what i learn from anyone, even my teachers
  10. tonester
    i just literally learned right now in a thread that stinging nettle is edible! man we have a lot of that over here. im excited to gather some up for cooking. hey wareagle do you have any advice in cooking it or what parts are edible?
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