Gun Chat

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  1. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Rick, what about anti-zombie firearms? lol
  2. oldsoldier
    Hi gang just stumbled across this group. Can I come in and play?
  3. soonerpride09
    Hi,Just looking for some others to talk guns and ammo with if thats o.k.
  4. Mozarker
    Hi, I'm new to this group. I'm not an expert in anything about guns. I live in a rural area of the Ozarks and keep weapons "locked and loaded" for home defense. But I come here to learn, not teach.
  5. marie24
    hi i need some info about a colt 32 can someone here help
  6. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Marie, what do you need to know?
  7. vampire
    Long time finding this group, hope it's worth it. Live in Australia have very strict gun rules, and just learning.
  8. f-22SC
    i'm just your average weapons maniac. this looked like the best group to join to talk about guns and explosives
  9. f-22SC
    is anyone on this chat room?
  10. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Just picked a Taurus Public Defender.
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