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  1. Longranger
    New member here; I am fairly familiar with firearms. Have several. Tacticle rifle, m4, several shotguns and handguns, revolvers-pistols. Most of my neighbors have stocked themselves nicely on firearms and ammo. Where I live just about everyone can shoot anytime. Lots of wild game, turkey, Deer, squirrel, bear and hogs-ground hogs.
  2. xj2000
    Your lucky like me to live in a place where no one calls the cops because of 'shots fired.' I even set up my own shooting range with a bunch of tires stacked up filled with dirt.
  3. Redwolf
    Just found this, so since I have interest in black-powder, here I is!
    I've got 4 real nice replica COLTS. 36 & 44. I can work on them. Make my own balls. Powder is
    gonna be hard to come by before long, I think. Gonna keep stocking up. Saw in a Dixie Gun Works
    catalog a few yrs ago about a paper-punch type of gadget to make your own caps, from pop/beer
    cans. Only problem with it, is, where the bloody h*ll do you find the rolls of caps from the old-time(30-50 yrs ago) CAP GUNS!!?? I only saw it advertised once (1 catalog) so maybe they found out about the
    banning of caps from capguns. Who knows. Guess powder& pre-made percussion caps are in order.
    Well, guess I'll check back in here sometime in the future. Things to do.
  4. Lil K
    Lil K
    Beginner hunter actually, but interested in Shotguns right now.
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