Chit Chat

  1. Lorna
    I like what you've done with the room Mr Rick,
  2. samms
    hello again from northern indiana if anyone is interested in cheap camping and boondocking just put it into a google search my search took me down to a town called wabash ind. where the camping was real cheap like 8 dollars a nite or free!!i also enjoy bird watching, plant identiflication, and mushroom hunting!!also trees indentiocation to! seeems god gives us everything we neeed to heal ourselves here on earth!!!peace!!also we do have a eagle on the lake in our backyard it killed a small duck this winter brutal to watch but nesssacary,as i look for mushrooms i also look for fallen antlers from deeers too ,no luck there either!but was a nice chance to look through the woods and see many beatiful wild flowers in bloom!!
  3. Cobus
    Hi Everybody, I am Cobus from Sunny South Africa.
  4. Okwaho
    Dan from Ontario, Kanata
  5. doug1980
    On one of my offroad forums we have a chatbox. It's really nice like instant messaging on the forum. Might be something to add here. Just a thought.
  6. doug1980
    Well this place is dead
  7. jakec
    hey is there anyone in az that is looking for a hiking buddy im in tucson
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