Bear Clan

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  1. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Thanks for the invite guys, it's an honor.
  2. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Just bored, so I looked up the Lakota word for bear, it's Mato.
    Tsitenha, what's the Algonquin word?
  3. RBB
    Ojibwe (Algonquin) for bear = Makwa
  4. Runs With Beer
    Runs With Beer
    Thanks for the invite, Thanks for thinking of me.
  5. RBB
    Welcome, RWB.

    Well, what do bears do? Fish, hunt, scratch where it itches, mostly just get along.
  6. tonester
    thanks for the invite, glad to be part of the bear clan
  7. RBB
    Glad to see you here!
  8. Ziggy
    Bear's my favoritest animule... Thanks for the invite
  9. RBB
    Welcome to the Bear Clan!
  10. RBB
    Anyone got any bear photos to post on the clan site?
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