Ham-Radio first times

  1. DogMan635
    The Radio is on, and today I did some research about Ham-Radios.
    Here is a link to the Story written this year by Routh Bonet, called Ham-Radio Basics - Everything you need to know. Here is the link: radiotackle.com/ham-radio-basics/

    I had always thought like my childhood friend you needed a place in your home, for a large base station. This was kinda what my friend had, back in the 1960s along with a high backyard antenna. Radio equipment today is much more simpler lol. So here is the link as to how HAM became know as HAM-Radio. Some History and some understanding as to what you will have to know before taking the HAM-Radio operators test, given by the FCC. radiotackle.com/ham-radio-basics/
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