General Discustion about TENTS, TENTS and more TENTS.

  1. DogMan635
    Have you ever looking at buying a TENT for yourself, Friend, Family Member? Summer Tents, Winter Tents, TENTS for one or more. Then there are the vehicle TENTS and rooftop TENTS, TRUCK Bed TENTS and don't forget the POPUp Trailer TENTS.
    So what TENT do you have, NEED, WANT need to attach, Hook-up too?
    The Webster Definition of the tent
    A collapsible shelter of fabric (such as nylon or canvas) stretched and sustained by poles and used for camping outdoors or as a temporary building, dwelling.
    Something that resembles a tent or that serves as a shelter. A canopy or enclosure placed over the head and shoulders to retain vapors or oxygen being medically administered.

    Truly there is just so much to a simple tent. What have you used or NEED a TENT for?
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