M EDC blades...

  1. ScopedIn
    Most people carry a knife, some may carry a Swiss Army Knife or multitool as well. I carry neither of those, at least not on a regular basis, but I do carry at least two of these three knives. Sometimes all three, but the one constant in my pocket is the middle one. From Krieger, a German knife company, it is the Helden Rand. High carbon steel blade, aluminum handle, it is a excellent reproduction of a WW2 German army utility knife. Both rugged and elegantly designed, it is simple and functional. Simple lockback with an easy to press lock, it is rivited together so no worries about loose screws either. It has a lanyard ring as well. It is a high quality knife for a budget price, one that I highly recommend to all knife nuts.
    All of these blades are my EDC in one combination or another as well as the ZIPPO which i included for size comparison. Stay safe, stay sharp.
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