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  1. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Anyone who has any info to share please feel free. If there are any questions, I'm sure someone here can answer them.
  2. Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf
    I have a thing for good knives, when I can pick them up at a great price. Like today I picked up a custom knife, brand new. The custom maker usually sells this knife for $250, I picked it up for $90. It's a WAYNE JARRETT CUSTOM HAND MADE JK HUNTER KNIFE.
    Product Specifications:
    Full Length 9.25"
    Blade Length 4 1/2" Flat Grind for smooth cutting stroke
    Blade Material 1095 High Carbon Steel Differentially Heat Treated with Spectacular Hamon Line
    Handle Material Professionally Stabilized tiger maple with amazing color
    Comes with Custom Hand Made Leather sheath made by Jarrett.

    Posted pic's here:
  3. Woodland
    Hey guys, I don't post often(two finger typer and time),but I do check out the forums often.I got my first pocket knife when I was 8 and have had one in my pocket ever since. My current favorites are the RAT line of knives for the outdoors, and my current EDC is a medium CS voyager and a BM Doug Ritter. Hopefully I'll be testing out a mish metel firerod form Rat shortly.
  4. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Sounds great Woodland, let us know how that goes.
  5. tonester
    whats up guys. ive been into knives my whole life but just recently started to really buy knives. right now ive been into a custom knife maker Bryan Breeden, ive got a few of his knives and some more are on the way. ill post some pics when i get them. right now my EDC is a benchmade griptillian.
  6. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Hey tone, can you post some pics here? I'll be trying to photo my whole collection this weekend.
  7. Woodland
    I'll do that chiye tanka, the photos of knife collections sounds like a great idea. mine are mostly pocketknives and folders. I'll see if i can photo mine also sometime this week.
  8. tonester
    hey chiye, yah ill try to get some pics up of my collection this weekend.
  9. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Great pics tone, thanks.
  10. Woodland
    Hey tonester, Thats a nice classic looking Knife. It looks like you have a RAT also
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