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  1. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    I read the article in TK, said it was a good hard use knife. D2 is a great steel, holds an edge and sharpen easy. I don't care for the design, but it looks like a worth while knife.
  2. tonester
    i dont know anything about the knife, but i do know that d2 is a really good steel, and i have some moras with a hollow grind and those knives rock. so im guessing, especially since ka-bar makes it, that it will be a great knife.
  3. Blood Groove
    Blood Groove
    Yeah I hear great things about D2, but with a hollow ground blade, it's more probable to chip right? and if that happens would I be able to get D2 back to a good edge, because it's a pretty hard steel. Its RC is 59-60. I agree with you tonester, I don't think Ka-bar would make it if it wasn't a good knife.
  4. tonester
    anyone get some cool blades for Christmas?
  5. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    I am, haven't yet. My gf didn't want to get it until she knew what I got. Tops Dart is what I'm getting.
    Merry Christmas to all the Knife Nutz.
  6. tonester
    this christmas i got a wetterlings hatchet, gerber slider saw, and a leatherman kick finally!
  7. tonester
    put a pic up of my new blades i got for christmas
  8. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Is that a factory second?
  9. davef
    Hi All,
    Am new to this Knife Nutz group, but I'm liking what I see.
    Will be posting some pictures of my small collection tomorrow.
    Need to take some pictures of a new knife first.

    All of my knives are users, some more than others, no pristine,
    unmarked beauties around my house that's for sure.

    Nice to be here.

  10. chiye tanka
    chiye tanka
    Glad you could join us Dave. We have a twelve step program, of course admitting you have a problem is the first step. The program's not doing so well, cause none of us seem to have a problem.
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