Fly tying materials

  1. Psalm25
    Just wondering what everyone's favourite and most used fly tying material is?

    I use a lot of Exo-Flex for making extended bodies. I use a lot of types of feathers but almost always use Peacock, Silkie chicken, and Barred Rock feathers in whatever I am tying. The fur I tend to use most is Whitetail and badger. Rabbit fur and goose down often comes in handy too. Guineafowl feathers make really nice flies too.
  2. Sportsman296
    I normally use Maribou, and whitetail for buggers, and bass poppers also silicone legs, and foam bodies to just to save time, for feathers i like to use peacock, or Silkie Chicken, and then various feather bags i pick up at craft stores just for the colors.etc
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