CQ CQ CQ de KC8JTO...... QRZ?

  1. Phenix
    My call is kc8jto. What is yours.
  2. loner
    hi im sorry to say the ham radio lost a hammer a few months ago his name was dale summers people knew him as the trucking bozo in the trucking industry he dedicated his life to the trucking industry and ham radio ever day he would be on the radio in cincie ohio then on xm-radio helping truckers he would also tell everyone he knew to get the ham lic his happy fun loving sperit keep me going many nights on the road DALE Summers fell in the shower hit his head causing a emblisn went into a Coma never to recover he was 66 years young a great man who will be mssed in both areas but never forgotton RIP DALE happy numbers my friend
  3. loner
    im not a han operator i cant afford the cost of the books here in canada
  4. DogMan635
    Short wave Radio, and about all I know is the long-range of the short wave is due in part to the radio frequency bounding off the ionosphere and mesosphere as it comes into contact with IONS and Electricians.
    Somewhere between 50-miles to 1000-miles above the Earth the radio wave crashes into the Ions and Electrons and returns back to Earth. My childhood friend is a ham-Radio geek and once told me to think of the ionosphere and mesosphere as a floating wall in space above the Earth. This Wall unlike a wall in a room moves higher and lower. between 50-miles and 1000-miles as the radio wave all in less than a few seconds. What I'm here to learn about, is the equipment one needs and license requirements. Sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend and fellow Ham-Radio operator "Hammer" I created this group for current, newbies and the well seasoned pro-hams who make and keep it all happening around the world.
  5. DogMan635
    Loner, Sad to learn this about a VOICE on the RADIO. My condolences for you and thanks for sharing your message.
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