The New Photos...

  1. Sarge47
    I've posted some photos of the early stages of my fly-tying station. The vise is a Rotary Peak Vise bought for my by my oldest son as a present. Little did I realize that there are various add-ons that can be bought and added to it. I've since done that and will be updating the pics in the near future, just had some recent camera problems.
  2. Psalm25
    Sounds good Sarge. I need to get a new vice soon, mine has done me well but I would like one with a little more bells and whistles on it
  3. Sarge47
    I've added some more stuff to the vise, but wound up breaking a small plastic piece that holds the waste basket in place. I called the Peak company and they sent out a replacement part right away at no cost to me! Love those folks! .....
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