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  1. erunkiswldrnssurvival
    Every time I catch a nice fish with a Grape Vine and a wooden hook I feel great and I
    thank my Creator for providing me with things that provide for me. I made a believer out of a group of Guys tue,the 19th of August,2008
  2. Jericho117
    I am currently working on a Hickory branch to make a bow, planning to tiller to a 65 pull, hopefully at 25 or at least 26 inch draw length. When im finished I will post a pick, but it won't be ready to shoot until winter, and hopefully I will get a Deer. Oh the bow is about 74 inches long. (Big Bow). Next im going to try making a bow with nothing but flint or jaspers.
  3. last one standing
    last one standing
    I just want to say I'm honored to be a part of your group I found this site by accident and is possibly my favorite. I'm a bow hunter that lives on the central coast of CA. I look forward to meeting and learning from you all.
  4. last one standing
    last one standing
    whats the name of the wood to make arrow shafts out of is it the same as the hand drill
  5. fishnr14
    this summer im goin to try making some crawdad traps out of willow branches, grape vines, or a 2 leiter
  6. erunkiswldrnssurvival
    mastering the use of pine sap and oil for heating,cooking,and lighting lends to more comforts in the wilderness. the most exelent pine resin stove... the RED BELT BRACKET FUNGUS,slightly hollowed out and filled with melted pine sap.
  7. hollowmune
    hello to all. I plan to build a permanent camp ground in a clearing behind my house for weekend ventures. Are there any suggestions on what type shelter to build? I wish to use natural material, and would like to have ample room. thanks in advance for any suggestions
  8. Mozarker
    I just found this URL and this group. I live in a fairly remote area of The Ozarks. Although I'm an old coot I would enjoy learning what I hope to learn from this group. I'm especially interested in edible plants found in the wild. But mushrooms don't "do it" for me.
  9. justinjedlawton
    straw bail house any one?
  10. justinjedlawton
    any one framiler with the mush that looks like a root but is consumed like a coffe?
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