WSF Knifemakers

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  1. panch0
    I finally got around to ordering the heating elements relays and high temp wires for my oven. I can't wait till i get her up and running.
  2. ibosserman
    I just put a drawing of the knife handle ideas I have for a damascus blank I am waiting on from e-bay.
  3. panch0
    I like the bottom one with the pins.
  4. ibosserman
    thanks. I bought a knife off e-bay that im still waiting on. It is a damascus blank. coming from India. thought I would put a nice handle on it. and make a sheath.
  5. ibosserman
    I think I am going to do the one standing upright.
  6. Ted
    I've read the tuts on annealing, heat treat, and tempering, just one quick question. If the metal your using Is already from some kind of machette or cicular saw blade ect, all ready being tempered, do you think it's wise to skip the heat treat and tempering?
  7. panch0
    Machettes are tempered softer than a knife is. I am now sure about saw blades though.
  8. crashdive123
    Ted - a lot is going to depend on what you are using to profile and do stock removal. If you're using hacksaws and files, then annealing is wise. If you're using power tools and are happy with the hardness of the metal, then it isn't really necessary. If you go the second route, make sure you do not get the metal too hot, or you will change the properties of it.
  9. Ted
    Thanks guys, thats what I figured. I didn't do anything to the machette blades, but when I couldn't drill the holes in the saw blade ,hummm, better do the annealing!
  10. pocomoonskyeyes
    Ever thought about an economical Oven for tempering your blades? Try your local thrift store!! That's right, get yourself a Toaster oven or convection oven add an oven thermometer, and you're in business! For more info try this link.
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