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Tribute to an Archery Legend

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It all started in Winston Georgia, off I-20 towards Alabama during the first week of bow season 1994. Got in the woods and hung my stand. Typical Frank set up, off a beaten path with the stand only 6 feet off the ground.

I had only been in the stand for an hour or two and here he came. He was a nice 6pt with long tines. And they were still in velvet, a trophy to be had. He walked within 10 feet of me, arrow nocked, release on the string, he turned his head away from me, perfect set up.

I drew, anchored, and looked through the peep site, Oh No! the peep is not lined up, no problem as I can compensate. Oh No! The arrow is on top of the spring rest, no problem as I can compensate. I release, guess I did not compensate as the arrow flew right over his back.

I needed more practice, and a new rest. So I put on a new arrow rest and a new peep site that automatically aligns when you draw on my cam bow.

Here is where the story begins.

I had taken my soon to be wife Caren up to Athens to visit a few art shops. I chose not to go (duh) to the art shops and instead visit an archery shop called Archery Traditions that I had heard about.

I walked into Archery Traditions, opened my case and pulled out this cam bow I'd been shooting for years. I noticed this older gent sitting in a chair, he smiled, I smiled, I did not know who he was.

I shot the range for about an hour. Shoot then adjust sights, shoot some more and tinker some more.

When I was finished, all packed up, this older gent still sitting in the chair asks if I'd ever shot a longbow. I told him I had many years ago but that was then, and this, pointing at the cam bow was now.

He bet me that if I shot his longbow, he would have me hitting inside a pie plate in 15 minutes. I said, okay as my soon to be wife had not arrived yet.

My soon to be wife arrived, LATE! So for 30 minutes I got a one on one private longbow shooting lesson from Dan himself that day. Yes, I was hitting inside the pie plate when I left.

That was the last time I ever shot that cam bow. I traded it a few weeks later for a longbow.

I grew up reading about Fred Bear, Ben Pearson, watching Fred Bear on tv specials. I later realized who Dan was and to this day, I am proud to say, that I got a one on one longbow lesson from Dan Quillian, an archery legend and he converted me.

Thanks Dan.

FVR posted Tradgang upon hearing of Dan's passing.

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  1. nell67's Avatar
    Great story FVR,Sorry for the loss.