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Corvus Egor III

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When I was a kid, 9th grade, I got a baby crow. Three had fallen out of the nest, I took one, Drew took one, and Vance took one.

As soon as I got "Corvus Egor III" (the III just sounded good), I promtly started him on wet catfood. I never caged him and used a perch and leather thongs to keep him put. I fed him and cleaned up crap for a month until his wings started to fill out.

I then would take him into the backyard and while holding his legs, raise him up and down, to work out his wings. I did this for a few weeks, then came the lightweight ropes that attached to his leg. We practiced flying.

In the meantime, I would take him over to the rabbit huch and show him how to dig for grubs and worms. He caught on real fast and was slamming those buggers. I then showed him how to pull bark on trees, and I was feeding him table scraps. I had stopped hand feeding him long before. He would tear into chicken and other meat scraps.

Boy, he made alot of noise. Everyday, we would go out back and I had started not using the lightweight rope around the leg. He would fly off to the big tree, then to the big oak, then to the garage. He use to sit on the back of Ceasar, my lab. I have pics of both of them on the doghouse roof.

Oneday, I took him out for exercise, I knew this was the day. He use to fly all over the place, but would always come back. Today, I knew, it was time, his time.

He flew off, hit the trees, then he flew off. I was sad, but happy at the same time.

My mother was really happy, well, so she thought.

Corvus would show up every morning, sit in that tree and caw. I come outback and he would caw, then fly away.

His visits started to be far and few, sometimes, in that tree, there would be three crows just making all kinds of noise.

He stopped coming, I grew up and graduated hs. Every now and then, during that time, a big crow would sit in that tree and just make racket. Yeh, it was Corvus.

After hs, I joined the USMC. After bootcamp, I got a letter, seems that there was this big old crow just making a racket in the tree. Guess it was him, or one of his kin.

Now, my friend Drew, he never broke his crow from finger feeding. He let the crow go, it came back. It attacked the neighbor ladys hair oneday. He took the crow and drove it 10 miles away. By the time he got home, his crow was there.

Don't know what happened to his crow, probably died somewhere.

To this day, every now and then, my mother will call. Damn crow sitting in that old tree woke me up this morning. Makes ya wonder.
Can't cheat the mountain, pilgrim.
Mountain got it....

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  1. laughing beetle's Avatar
    excellent story! puts me in mind of the story "Rascal" by Sterling North.
  2. rwc1969's Avatar
    I like this story. Thank you for posting it.
  3. Justin Case's Avatar
    Great story, Thanks,, I raised a Raven the same way, he/she found a mate and flew away together, Mine used to sneak up to my pit bull when she was asleep, bite her tail and fly into the tree ,, LOL made my dog SO Mad !