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Boar Hunting At Night... ohhh Spooky

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Heading out to the stand for a long hunt at night will require some thought too. There are methods and things to know that can make the hunt easier and more successful. Remember to bring some extra corn with diesel on it. This corn should be spread out, not piled, in any visible areas from your the stand. This can really help because when hogs get up and start moving at night it's usually at a steady fast walk. Keep in mind that not every hog walking by the stand knows about the baited area that has been attracting other hogs. They may simply speed right on by and be gone before you know they were there. So if the extra corn is scattered in all directions that are visible from the stand, and a hog wonders into the area they will stop to eat the corn. This should allow for a good clean shot.
On dark nights it's important that you hunt with your ears because you can't see with your eyes. Those feeding devices that create lots of noise will now be ready to pay off. You can also listen for the hogs crunching the corn. Hogs are very loud smackers. Along with smacking they make lots of noise sniffing out the corn that is scattered on the ground (not in piles). With the smacking, crunching and loud sniffing going on the hunter can get ready to switch on the light. This is a critical point in the hunt.
If the light is too bright it will scare the hogs. No 500,000 or 1,000,000 candlepower lights are needed. What you should have is a light that clips on to your gun or scope and can simply be turned on by an easy to get to rocker switch. These lights are sold in most popular hunting stores and magazines. Prices range from 30.00 to over 100.00 depending on the type you purchase. Some of the brighter lights will require filtered lenses that will be either red or blue. The purpose of these lenses is to dim the light so they won't scare the animals. Some hunters believe the lenses will cause hogs eyes to shine brighter. Hogs eyes do not shine or reflect back at you like deer and varmint eyes do. In fact hogs are very hard to see at night their dark colors absorb light making them very difficult to see. Once the hogs are lit up a hunter can either choose which hag they want or shoot the first one that comes into view.
This is how me and my ex-uncle-in-law hunt boars in the Tennessee Mountains of Clarkrange, alot of hunters do it differently, we bait and use a variety such as corn where he puts diesel on it to keep out the racoons (I don't really like the gas on the corn but I must say it does work), we have even used a couple gallons of sardines as bait, but play around and come up with your own tricks, whatever works to put pork on the table is good. FVR I know is an avid Boar Hunter and one day I will have to get with him so we can boar hunt my ex's farm in Tennesse or down there in Georgia where he's at. (You rad that FVR, hope so) If you have any questions ask away, me or FVR should be able to cover them, and some others on here hunt boar as well.
Good Hunting.

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