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For The "Newbys"; Part II.

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Here are, in my personal opinion, some mistakes made by a lot of new-comers to this site as well as to the field of Survival:

1.) Oft-times we 1st hear from a "Newby" regarding the most facinating piece of Survival equipment imaginable, the Knife! the allure of a large bladed knife, in some cases, sporting a hollow handle to stash more Survival stuff, seems to draw the new-comer like a magnet, adding fuel to their great belief that they are the next "Rambo". When-ever possible, please don't make this your 1st post, and if you do, please don't start out by saying something like:
"What do you think is the best Survival Knife? I just bought the...." or "What do you all think of this knife (usually includes a photo or a link to a web-site showing the knife.) I just bought/ordered one." Now if we answer that question in a negative then you will either get angry at us or feel bad about your purchase.

2.) The 2nd most popular topic is for a Newby who desires to put together a survival kit without ever having any previous experience in the field. You need to learn "Survival Priorities", & they are as follows: FIRST; you're mind. Train it right and it will take care of you better than a lot of other stuff. SECOND; Study, then put what you've learned into practice. THIRD; Learn the basics 1st, & that includes 1st aid, the proper clothing, & a bunch of other stuff way too numerous to mention here.

3.) The 3rd most popular thing a Newby does is try to impress us with the highly questionable desire to show us all what a tough, macho, Hombre they are by dashing off into the Wilderness with nothing more than a loin-cloth and a head full of good intentions. You WILL impress us, but not in a positive way. So do yourself a favor; if your planning on running off into the Wilderness with nothing more than your underwear and a pen-knife, keep it to yourself unless your a full-blown masicist as you won't like the response you're going to get. We don't want to hear it any more. If you can read and follow the 3 things here, then you'll wind up making a lot of friends; if not then prepare for negative criticism. SARGE.

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  1. klkak's Avatar
    Thank's Sarge. It needed to be said and you said it well!
  2. Survival Guy 10's Avatar
    thats a good way to put it
  3. SthrnSqrl's Avatar
    Well said.
  4. loner's Avatar
    well said sarge another thing to also include is god gave everybody one mouth and two ears why do you think that was done for well in my opion you learn more by listening then talking !!!!!!!!!