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Summer Wasted.

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So I've Been Having Issues With My Back Recently. Then Realized A Patch Of Skin On My Left Leg Was Numb And Two Muscles Wern't Working. This Is Causing My Left Leg Damage And Pain. So I Am Starting The Rounds Of Doctors. So Far It Points To A Damaged Nerve In My Back. More Testing Will Be Done To See How Long If At All It Will Take To Heal..... Watching Summer Pass Me By Now...

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  1. Regna's Avatar
    Hey, I've has the same issue and even though not uber painful, the fact the pain is ALWAYS there wears me out. It's most likely sciatica. This will most of the time run down from lower back and down one leg. Only time it doesn't hurt is when I walk, so I'm barely still, lol.. Go to doc and see what they say.
  2. adventurestrong's Avatar
    Bum deal, man. Hopefully it gets taken care of quickly.
  3. Rick's Avatar
    Just curious if you saw the doctor and what they said. Not something to play around with. A nerve impingement can become permanent if left untreated. It can lead to loss of motor function and muscle wasting. Those can't be fixed so better to deal with it now. Hope things are going better.
  4. ladorff's Avatar
  5. Ken Mendes's Avatar
    Just signing in as a new member, Nick name is copilot. I live in Alaska. Im interested in learning more on medical survival in a crisses.