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A book review of "Stay Alive Survival Skills You Need!" by John D. McCann.

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Recently John McCann became a member of this forum. He is the author of the well known book, "Build the Perfect Survival Kit." This book is jam packed with good info on instructing those who desire to know how to make their own SK! John ranges from "ultra small kits" to a full-size Backpack and shows you the items that can go into each and every one, based upon size, need and budget. The photos are black and white, but very well done none the less. Every newcomer to the world of survival kits should have a copy of this book.

John's 2nd book links to the 1st by continuing on and explaining how to acquire and use the skills you need to survive in the wilderness! I was totally blown away by all the info contained in this book.

One point, however, this book is intended to teach newcomers and the inexperienced, not the seasoned veteran, although I like reading through it for all the info it contains.

On this forum we get a continuing number of members who are seeking knowledge on just the very things contained in this book! Given the fact that John's teaching parallels my own learning in many areas I felt a strong kinship with the contents and author as well. For example, I've often said that the most important piece of survival gear is the survival item that you always have, your mind. I've always endorsed the S.T.O.P. system, read chapter 2! Want more info on building your own SK and what to put in it? Read chapter 3! How often do we hear those brand new to the woods and survival ask that age-old question: "What kind of survival knife should I get? Chapter 4 breaks it down by 1st starting out with an exploded view of a "survival knife" and talks about the "anatomy" of such!

It's all here; shelter making, signalling, food and water acquisition, Map and compass, and so on. What's more it's printed on a nice grade of paper, has beautiful color photos, and is laid out in a great, organized manner, allowing the reader to immediately go to any topic that they desire to study.

By adding this book to John's 1st book you will have great reference material for building a survival kit as well as learning the skills needed to use it! I would also add Creek Stewart's book on building your own BOB and Cody's book: "98.6 Degrees..." and you have a very good set-up!

For more info on John's books, as well as some equipment that won't "break the bank," including knives, check out his web-site at:

Until next time, Sarge47.

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