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10 definitions for Noobs.

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Oft-times we get members here that are completely new to the terms used for Wilderness Survival, so this may help.

1.) SK stands for "Survival Kit." These range in size from microscopic to gargantuan and any where in between. It has been rumored that a very small kit that can fit inside a thimble has the power to save you from a Force 5 Hurricane such as Katrina or Sandy! The components to the miniature survival kit are quite small, You will probably lose this before you ever lose your pack! The compass in these small kits sometimes requires a good cleaning before using as bits of Crackerjacks will often adhere to their surface! Razor blades are usually substituted for knives in these tiny kits so, in a pinch, you might able to shave in the woods.

2.) SAK stands for "Swiss Army Knife," usually the Victorinox models for some unknown reason. These knives are reputed to be the actual knife used by Officers in the Swiss Army! With over 30 different models to choose from how could that be wrong? These knives range in size like the SK, going from a two bladed model, to one that's so big you'd need a fork-lift to move it!

3.) 550 cord. This is the actual cord used as shroud lines in a parachute. WSF members have claimed that this stuff is so strong that you can tie one end of it to a fully loaded Semi-Tractor-Trailer, place the other end in your teeth, and pull that sucker up a 15 degree grade! WSF members are also known to be notorious liars! Real parachute cord has seven strands in the center of a nylon hollow cord that are, themselves, made up of two or three inner strands. If you strip out the 7 braided strands from the hollow center of a 50' hank of parachute cord, then un-braiding those 7 strands, you'll have a nice mess on your living room floor!

4.) SK stands for "Survival Knife." This is a magical, mystical bladed instrument usually found stuck in a large stone that only the most qualified survivalist is able to pull out! Members that come on here, new to the world of survival lust after these things really bad! Based on the Rambo Movies, some believe the hollow-handled survival knife, used by Sylvester Stallone in "First Blood," to hold many life-saving gadgets, including, but not limited to a Humvee! Some of the more adventurous types actually believe that they only need their SK and the clothes on their back and they can then go anywhere Bear Grylls can! Hmmm, considering where Bear Grylls usually goes, that's probably not to far off the mark!

5.) BOB stands for "Bug-out bag," not to be confused with something Crashdive 123 might use in his exterminating business, but rather, something to hold all of your life's possessions in case you have to flee to the woods, only to rub elbows with all of your neighbors who also have THEIR BOBs. Make sure you use a Sharpie and have your name printed on your bag in bold letters so as to keep it from getting mixed up with the rest of them!

6.) BOV stands for Bug-out Vehicle, that's what you load everything up in to leave your home. These range in models from a small, foreign car, to a full size tractor trailer. Remember to also store plenty of fuel as the gas stations will, in all likelihood be completely out of gas!

7.) BOL stands for "Bug-out location." That's where you want to go when you bug-out. Remember that in a true TEOTWAWKI Others will probably also know your destination so have plenty of firearms and ammo on hand to defend your turf!

8.) "Bugging In." That's what we old farts do, we stay at home. After your gone we loot your homes at leisure, stealing anything that ain't tied down and has any value!

9.) "Canoe Accident." A common accident that happens to WSF members who are stupid enough to load up all of their firearms and try to navigate a large body of water. The firearms then are unable to be found so we're all SOL!(Your daddy can tell you what that means.) Ironically, for a bunch of really sharp survival types, we all seemed to have made that mistake!

10) "Hong." A weapon of mass destruction used to blind the unprepared! If your new to the forum and don't know what a hong is ask Rick or Sarge and they will enlighten you!

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