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Ron Hood's Videos review.

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I ordered 7 of the Ron Hood Videos as follows:

1.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 2 - Shelters and Priority

2.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 3 - Survival Kits

3.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 10 - Survival Camping

4.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 11 - Solo: Quest for Survival

5.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 14 - Crafts for the Field

6.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 15 - Sticks, Stoves and Stitches

7.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 21 - Hoods in the Woods - Camping Basics

Note that the 1st four are related directly to survival, the next two are "how-to's" on making stuff, and the last one is on camping and backpacking.

I am not going to go through each video but will review each "group" instead.

1st, the "survival" group. Unlike some survival instructors Ron Hood could hardly ever be considered a "minimalist!" He would always carry whatever he felt was necessary to use in the North Idaho woods where he practices his craft.

Also, unlike some who only recommend expensive clothing and survival items, Ron also gives information on those who's budget does not afford them that luxury. Here you can learn many helpful things like making a belt from 550 cord utilizing an easy "stitch" that doesn't require lengthy, difficult braiding. Ron not only carried a very small survival kit, but a "maxi-kit" that was much bigger than many might imagine. His idea of shelter utilizes both knowledge and inexpensive items that anyone can easily acquire. While Ron always liked expensive, custom made knives, he also tells you about less costly ones. One of his favorite small folders was the Victorinox "Rucksack" SAK. Learn how to pack the right gear properly and how to save space at the same time!

The next two DVDs teach you how to easily make an alcohol stove from a single soda can, moccasins using Buffalo hide for the soles and pliable deer hide for the uppers. A quick way to do the "fire stick" method of making a fire is also included. Want to use Kydex for knife sheaths and firearm holsters? Learn how Ron made "cowboy coffee? Learn what insect repellent is the only one you should really use in the outdoors? Learn a recipe for bannock? Then watch the videos!

Finally we come to my favorite, the last one which talks at length about the proper equipment for camping and backpacking and how to find them! Then how well they hold up in the field! Learn why the Karafu Navigator TiPi justifies it's expensive price tag! Ever wonder how to purify several gallons of water at once from a lake for use by a large group? It's on here! No, I'm not going to ruin this by "spilling" the info, that's what you pay for, so go for it, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. wareagle69's Avatar
    I purchased the whole series about 5yrs ago. Cost around 5 hundred for all. Personally like the cave cooking series with Karen hood
  2. irishlove77sm's Avatar
    Looking for great material..i am a survivalist..always looking for great info.
  3. Sarge47's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wareagle69
    I purchased the whole series about 5yrs ago. Cost around 5 hundred for all. Personally like the cave cooking series with Karen hood
    I'm thinking about getting those next.
  4. entherder's Avatar
    Hard to go wrong with the Master! TONS of good info!