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Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

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I would like to see this material up-dated for relevancy to the current military, organized, and printed in a more “reader-friendly” font. If anyone is interested in purchasing these digests, the good news is that US Calvary has knocked the price down from $5.50 per digest to $.88 each! I visited A.R.R.’s Survival website and was amused to see that, like me, he doesn’t think that much of the Ritter survival kits and goes on to explain why:
Then he promotes his “SOS” line of survival kits. IMHO, I call them a line of “POS” survival kits. They include the stupid wire saw, the top of a bic lighter, that will not work when wet, and many other teeny, tiny things. I advise any reading this who’s considering getting a survival kit, to make their own, using quality components; that’s what every Survival author worth their salt recommends!

The final note to the digests is that I rate them 7 stars. There is a lot of useful info there. Why not 10? It loses a star for the font. It loses one for the lack of organization, and loses one for the personal garbage that A.R.R. drug into them. Take care and happy trails!

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  1. Delta 5168's Avatar
    His drawings are awful. That's why the books now cost 88 cents!