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Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

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Chapter 3: The Ugly.
Apparently A.R.R. felt that he wasn’t treated fairly in the military, specifically in the area of promotions and resigned/retired from the Army. While doing so he wrote a strong letter detailing his reasons for leaving the service. He was offered a promotion during this period which he turned down. He also published two negative responses to his letter and then went on to write a 2nd letter putting the authors of the two responses down, calling them “asses," and asking the readers of his work to agree with his derogatory label.

Now if A.R.R. wanted to retire and turn down the late promotion, that is his business, but, if one turns to page 60, volume 1, where A.R.R. wrote a rebuttal letter to an officer entitled “To Quick to Judge,” defending the rights of a previous writer to be entitled to his opinions without being attacked for them, then I feel that A.R.R. certainly could have afforded the two authors replying negatively to his letter the same right. Apparently his ego gets in the way at times. It’s my personal opinion that these books would have been better without all of the negative, personal crapola that was added. It was unnecessary and not germane to the other material or to the theme of the digests.

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