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Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

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Chapter 1: The Good.
For anybody in today’s Army, or quite possibly other braches of the military, some of this material might still be a boon to the modern warrior. Some of it is out-of-date, so there will obviously need to be some judgment applied here.

As an example of useful information that anybody can apply using surplus military gear, or even deciding on which knife to get or how to make a mini-1st aid kit, pages 72 & 73 of Volume one deal with these subjects. Page 74 & 75 show how to make a lightweight field jacket out of field jacket liner, a BDU shirt, and a couple of jacket zippers. Pages 88 & 89 show how to make a “Butt Pack Life saver!" You get the idea.

Ruck/A.L.I.C.E. packs, light load-bearing equipment, even the lowly military canteen is discussed. You can even learn how to make a field shower out of one of the canteens .

Starting on page 72, Volume II, there is something that warms my heart. A.R.R., recommends a book that deals really well with Survival in the wilderness: “The 1984 Boy Scout Fieldbook!” That’s right, the same book I based my 6 part blog about survival on! For this I salute the good Sgt.!

There is enough interesting reading in these volumes for anybody interested in learning about the outdoors and ideas to help them better their situation!

In Volume IX, there is some good survival info for the reading!

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