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Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

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Having recently purchased all nine copies of the Ranger Rick Digest series I decided to review my findings here. Before I start just let me state for the record that I was a bit surprised to find that, contrary to what I thought, the series is NOT a collection of manuals on Survival, but rather a collection of bits and pieces of info to help soldiers to better their situation while serving in the military.

Also, Ranger Rick, now known as ARMY Ranger Rick, due to some litigation alleging that some silly raccoon had the name “Ranger Rick” first, causing Sgt. Rick Tsherne,(RET.), to add the term “Army” in front of his previous title; is not the sole author of the contents, but rather, has collected most of the info contained therein from other soldiers. He then went on to publish said info in book form

Now while there is very little information here that deals with Survival at all, and then mostly shifting the focus to another book that I’ll talk about in another chapter. They contain some great info on how to use military gear, that any civilian utilizing military surplus gear can use to maximize their usage of said gear.

I have also broken the review up into 3 sections entitled: “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.” Since Army Ranger Rick now resides in Italy I found that using the title of a famous Spaghetti western most appropriate. Each of these will deal with the different aspect of the book in relation to the title. At the end of the three chapters I’ve included a summary, so without further ado, here’s my review.

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