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Learning the Basics II: Hiking: Part 3.

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Let's look for a moment at equipment for a simple fair weather day hike. In Scouting a newcomer to the troop is called a "Tenderfoot." That term dates back to the frontier days and refers to someone completely new to the wild outdoors at that time. If you are new to all of this, then you are a "Tenderfoot," and hopefully not a "Numpty." A "Numpty" is someone who refuses to learn, thinking they already know everything about the outdoors, survival, rocket name it. People like that are a danger to both themselves and to those thay get involved with; avoid them at all costs! One good way to find out if you are talking to an experienced hiker is to ask them about their equipment. One of their 1st priorities should be "1st aid;" A "Numpty's" 1st priority will usually be some sort of large knife, usually big enough to gut an elephant. Ask anybody that wants to team up with you if they have their "10 essentials" kit. Every experienced hiker carries one even for the easiest hike. If they don't know what you're talking about, or don't carry one, run, don't walk away from that idiot! You can learn more about the 10 essentials at anyone of these sites: We'll be talking more about this in depth in the next installment. For now, study the list and decide what you'll carry yours in; a large fanny pack? Or perhaps a simple, small, backpack; the choice is yours. ( be continued...)

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